Aji Original Mild, Jar

Aji Original Mild, Jar

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The mild condiment is shy and reserved in terms of spice but extremely adventurous in terms of flavour. It is the perfect partner to add a mild tang to every meal! This trusty sidekick will bring out the flavours of your dishes and will make sure to leave your mouth watering. No need to add salt & pepper. Use and explore in your cooking as a condiment, an ingredient, as a marinade, or as a mix!

Uses: The possibilities are endless! Feel free to experiment as a marinade or use as a sauce on top of on any meat, vegetarian, or vegan dish. Add the condiment to any rice or pasta meal as well. You can even mix it with other ingredients to create delicious dips and sauces such as your new signature guacamole – add 2 tablespoons to a mashed avocado and BOOM!

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