Aji Medium Hot (375 ml)

Aji Medium Hot (375 ml)

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The middle ground between an introvert and extrovert. The medium sauce can dance with any meal, but may be a bit too sassy for those who are very sensitive (to spice).  A tangy flavour with a medium zing! This will become your favourite go-to sauce once you build up your spice tolerance a little bit, by bringing out the flavours of your dishes and will make your taste buds sing. Use and explore in your cooking as an ingredient, as a marinade, or to simply use at the table!

Uses: The possibilities are limitless! Play with it as a hot sauce on top of on any meat, vegetarian, or vegan dish. Amazing with any rice or pasta bowls as well. You can also use it as a marinade for chicken wings and ribs. Mix Aji with other ingredients to create delicious dips and sauces such as your new signature white sauce or tartar sauce! – mix 50/50 with mayo/yogurt/sour cream/vegannaise—it’s the perfect vegetable and pizza dip. Use to marinade your fish, put on your potatoes and in a sandwich!

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