Aji Smokin' Habanero, Hot Sauce (375 ml)

Aji Smokin' Habanero, Hot Sauce (375 ml)

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A chunky veryhot sauce…The smokin’ is the crazy, adventurous and wild one. So much bold energy that not many can handle it. If you go in with too much confidence, it’ll put you in your place. Go ahead and add it to your food, but don’t say we didn’t warn you—a little goes a long way. This hot sauce packs a double punch, first a unique smoky flavour and then a mouth-watering, hiccup inducing kick that builds from the back of your throat.Ahot saucelover’s dream!

Please note, symptoms include:

Shock to your nervous system,cleansing of sinuses,sweating, hiccups, shortness of breath, and heat so extreme yourmouth won't knowwhich way is up! This purchase, in effect,is your signature on a waiver.

Uses:While the possibilities are still endless, go ahead and turn up the heat (and smoky flavour) to your next chili orlasagna. Great on top of any protein and adds a new dynamic to rice and pasta dishes. To dial down the heat (at least a little) mix with mayo/yogurt/sour cream or vegannaise and use it as a dip or on a bakedpotato… we have a hunch you may become a hot sauce connoisseur! We can guarantee you won’t find anything like it!

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