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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aji?

Aji is a condiment, marinade, dip, sauce, and mix. You can use Aji straight from the bottle as a marinade or sauce, or you can mix it with other ingredients to create  your own dips, sauces, and marinades. 

What can I put Aji on?

Everything! Head over to our recipes page and check out some of our awesome ideas. We will be continually adding to the list so make sure you check back often! 

How long will my product last?

Aji has no preservatives in it!  It is a vinegar base so it works like a pickle or a relish. Once it's opened, Aji is to be kept in the fridge and is best before 5-6 months, as long as you ensure nothing else but Aji gets in the bottle (no cross-contaminating!)

What about nuts, soy, gluten, lactose, dairy, MSG?

Aji has been tested time and time again and it is certified nut, soy, gluten, lactose, dairy, egg, and msg free! HOWEVER, our facility does handle ALL of these ingredients and other allergens. 

Is this product vegan?

Yes it is! Although, if  you purchase the honey garlic...well, it does have honey.         For our Vegan friends, feel free to sweeten any of our products with maple syrup or agave instead!

How do you pronounce Aji?

AH-HEE. Like ahi tuna... without the tuna. 

Where is Aji from?

Our product originates from Colombia, South America but different Aji's can be found all over South America. The word "Aji" is the Spanish word for "hot pepper." Although our mildest product is not classified as spicy by most of our clients, even it has a little bit of warmth!

Is Aji organic?

Aji is made with all-natural ingredients and no chemical products, but it is not organic.

Have a question that you couldn't find here? 

Ask away - contact us!

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